A Windows Explorer add-on for Windows 98/ME/2k/XP


  • [Nov 3, 2005] Minor Bug in installer fixed, New build uploaded
  • Folder Background Image Hack added!!
  • Links section updated/broken links amended.
  • FAQ Page Updated on July 30, 2005


Current Version

Version Number: 2.1
Build Date : 31 October, 2005
: The current version is 2.1, although, latest "builds" may be uploaded to the site without change in the Version Number.
File Updated Last: November 3, 2005
What's new in v2.1? :
  • New Default skin!! (It's cool)
  • Added support for Cab, Rar archive viewing and extraction.
  • Folder Icons can be changed from within Vebwiev(in beta stage!!).
  • Selecting skins made easier!!
  • Piechart Control to display Folder usage added!! (Requires the Adobe SVG viewer available here)
  • New Screenshots added.
  • A webview fix for Windows 2k, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. For more details see here and faq page.

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       Whatzit ?


Vebwiev is a custom Webview for Windows Explorer. (View of Windows explorer invoked by selecting 'View as Web Page'). It is compatible with Windows 98 / ME / 2k / XP. Vebwiev gives your boring Windows Explorer a new look. Check out the screenshots in the Screenshots section. For features, see the next section. Get rid of the boring Windows Explorer UI!!

Geek Speak : Vebwiev is a folder.htt on steroids.




  • A refreshing new UI. (highly influenced by the XP/Longhorn look)
  • Selecting a file :
    • All audio/video (include mp3s, avis, mpegs, real media files etc) files can be previewed through explorer itself. select the file. (any audio/video file). preview should be available in the left pane. In addition, mp3 id3 tags can be read and modified from within vebwiev.
    • Preview for image files and html files etc.( jpg, bmp, gif, htm etc etc yadda yadda) along with dimensions and colour depth for image files.
    • Preview for text files!! . the contents of any text can be previewed by selecting a text file in the filelist. Check the feature out by trying it on any of the supported files like txt, ini , inf, htt, nfo, diz, css, log, js ,vbs,c , cpp.....and of course , you could add your own. Textarea comes with word wrap and save feature.
  • Try selecting a folder : the info panel gives information regarding :
    • name and type of folder (duh!)
    • size in bytes. (it works for folders too and not just files.)
    • a list of all subfolder and collapsible list of files with their respective sizes. list of subfolders are hyperlinks to navigate to those subfolders.
  • Windows XP style "Task Panes" offer few quick links to navigate to Special and system folders and perform other functions like opening the display properties / add remove programs etc.
  • View contents of Zip, Cab, Rar files and extract individual files from these archives. Inflates readme inside zip file when zip file is just selected in Folder view.
  • Information content in the Vebwiev pane optionally fades in/out.
  • Choose from the currently available 3 skins using the skin selector!!




  • Vebwiev requires Internet Explorer 5 or above, although Internet Explorer 6 is strongly recommended for all features to work.
  • For Installation Details on Various Operating Systems, see table below.
  • Vebwiev is freeware. You are free to use the template, script and css code as you like. If you do get around to using the code, just let me know. Please note that not the activeX controls bundled with Vebwiev have not been written by me and are a part of Vebwiev under permission from the original authors.
  • Attention!! : Windows 2000 SP3 (& above), Windows XP SP1 (& above) and Windows Server 2003 users will have to download this zip file. Unzip the file to extract a file named XPfix.reg and merge it into the registry (After downloading and unzipping, just right click the file in explorer and select "Merge") otherwise Vebwiev might not run. Also check the faq page.

     Vebwiev Download (English)

    Download Vebwiev

    Version (build date)
    2.1 (31102005) Download (615 kb)

      Vebwiev Download (Other languages) :

    Vebwiev has also been translated into a few other languages.
    Instructions : If the "language packs" just include 2 files, then these 2 files are supposed to simply replace their same-named counterparts from the English version. So you will also have to download the English version and overwrite the files using the files given in the language packs. If you have any difficulties understanding these instruction, contact me.


    Vebwiev Language packs
    Language (Credits) and Version
    French ( cYBeR-maN ) v2.0 Download (221 kb)
    Spanish ( Blackened ) v2.0 Download (16.8 kb)(
    Portuguese ( fahrenheit ) v2.1 Download (615 kb)(

      Older Versions (??)

    Some enthusiasts seem to like the older version of vebwiev (the 1.x series) better than 2.0. Those who are interested in the earlier versions of vebwiev may email me with the version that they want. If the demand goes up, I shall be providing direct links from here.


     Tip (Win 98/Me/2k) Warning : Advanced Users Only!!!

    To set Vebwiev for My Computer, set HKCR\CLSID\{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\shellex\ExtShellFolderViews\{5984FFE0-28D4-11CF-AE66-08002B2E1262}\PersistMoniker to [Windows Folder]\web\vebwiev\vebwiev.htt. Backup the old value first.




Here are some Full Screen Windows Explorer Screenshots! (Please note that icons and/or folder backgrounds are NOT customized by Vebwiev)

Image File Selected; Crystal skin.

Pie Chart feature

Folder Selected

Zip File Selected




Check out some of the other rare Webviews on this planet!! (Some of these have been inspirations for vebwiev [note : and some from vebwiev], thanks, guys!!)

  • *** New *** This hack from Ramesh's Windows XP Troubleshooting site (MVP) enables the user to add a background image to any folder in Windows XP (Just like you could in Windows 98, ME & 2k). Here's how nice it can look; coupled with vebwiev..
  • Webview XP 1b - by art-sands is definitely the best looking thang that I have seen around. This one emulates the windows XP webview look perfectly , in all respects!!!
  • JEGview - a pretty advanced webview by Fabien. I liked the ability to turn it into a "pictures" folder very much. Complete with installation, zoom, text preview. I am glad that I have been an inspiration for this guy!! (French and English versions available.)
  • Another try at a custom webview by Joe here (the guy who gave us a few handy dandy vb scripts and scriptable activex components....).
  • Serenity Webview for Win ME - A webview written for Windows ME by David Candy in vbs with lots of nifty features. (MRU Folder List, Media preview, text preview etc.) This webview can be considered as the father of all webviews. period.
  • FolderXP is another eye-pleasing Webview supporting skins, originally in German, translation is now complete. (Site appears to be under re-construction)
  • Also drop by kmr's deviant page for more Webviews.
  • WSH Webview - by Ian Morrish of Scripting fame, for folders with WSH script files. (Scroll to the end of the page)
  • Webview Section at DevART - also has a section for windows webviews. Not much stuff here.
  • [French] Vebwiev in French!! - This site (in french) has explanations about the default folder.htt. It also has a "Star Trek" Webview (for all you fans out there). It also hosts a French translation of Vebwiev!! If the website is down or inaccessible, try this link for a direct download.
  • Need to view AutoCAD files in explorer? Check this free add-on from Autodesk.
  • There's a "Folder Customization Project" in Japan, but i didn't understand much of it!!

Want to start creating custom templates? Try these "classic" articles : (Some of these articles are well over 5 years old...)

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